I survived -

I survived

Lizze just got back a little while ago from her sleep study. She left about 8pm Thursday and got back around 5pm tonight. Gavin was at her parents and I had the other 2.

This was the longest either one of us have been on our own with the kids and while it was fun, I’ll wait for a while to do this again. Lizze, ironically didn’t get any sleep during her sleep study. So far we know she has restless legs but won’t know any more until August.

There is clearly are reasons we don’t split up very often and venture out on our own. Those reasons are 2,4 and 10 years old. I’m on day 2 with literally 2 hours of sleep combined. We all crashed in the living room in the AC last night. Elliott Richard was up with nightmares again (thank you Gavin) and when he did sleep Emmett John would wake up.

I have never been so happy to see my wife as I was today. I wish she had gotten more rest but at least it was kind of a break.

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