When Autism makes you choose between your kids -

When Autism makes you choose between your kids

Autism has effected our family completely. Poor ER is probably having the toughest time as he is the “typical” or highest functioning of our kids. He is very confused by his brothers behaviors, especially Gavin’s.

We have reached a point (once again) where we have to choose between the kids. Gavin’s future is, unfortunately unavoidable. Elliott Richard on the other hand has a very bright future. I know how this sounds and I know how this feels. You can’t comprehend the guilt you feel as a parent having to decide to basically favor one child over another unless you’ve had to do it.

Everyone involved with Gavin has told us that there is no chance of Gavin living a life outside of our house or a group home environment.

To Be Continued….

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Marion Oberlies

We have a similar situation. Robin (12) will not be able to live on his own. He will always need a support. Colin (9) as an Asperger has much more chances to be completely "socialized". I always ask myself the question if I should support Colin more than Robin because he will have the bigger challenges during the next years. He has to go to a normal school with a person to guide him. His future depends on how the teachers will treat him and how open they are for autism. Not easy.

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