Pray for Gain

Very quickly. Gavin is being committed for emergency medical stabilization. Don’t what is happening but we are on our way. He has taken a turn for the worse. More when I can.


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  1. Kathy…..What a nice thing to do.

  2. Just read your latest update, we are so sorry, you are on our mind and in our prayers. Remember I live less than 30 minutes from Cleveland Clinic, please if you or Lizz need to be closer stay at our house for as long as you need. Its so much closer and you'll have quicker access to and from the Clinic. What ever we can do to help you through this difficult time. Please our door is open for you guys.

  3. Guys….i sure wish that we could do more to take away all worry,and pain in your lives right now.When we had to leave Marc for a couple of days, i thought our world was ending.You are for sure in our prayers and thoughts and if you guys need to talk to someone, just call, day or night, both Deb and I are very concerned about ALL of you guys.Make sure you take care of yourselves also.God Bless.

  4. Yes praying.

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