Terrifying: One of my kids with #Autism wandered off while on vacation

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The family and I just got back to our condo after a roughly two hour long excursion. We walked the entirety of Give Kids the World Village and then went to dinner. As we were heading off to the café, Emmett said something about taking a shortcut. We thought he meant looping around the sidewalk but instead, he took off running behind one of the buildings and was gone.

It took us a bit to find him and it was terrifying.

On one hand, I knew he could get out of the village and would be found, but at the same time he was gone. Lizze went in one direction, while the boys and I went in the other. Thankfully, she found him waiting for us at the café.

We had a serious talk and went to dinner. My nerves are still fried and I want to just chill out a bit before we decide what we’re doing tonight.

I think we’re going to play some board games for right now. It’s raining so we can’t go fishing tonight, but we’ll make the best of it anyway. ☺

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