Gavin crisis 8/03/2010


Today has been bell already. We got a call about 6am this morning saying gavin is having mri this morning. gavin will need to be sedated in order to have his mri. One of us needs to be present so we scrambled to make arrangements. If we had known we would have been there last night.
Lizze and her mom left for Cleveland this morning. Both ER and EJ are sick and my back is out. For some reason Sprint shut our phones off this morning. They don’t know why it happened but it did. It took me forever to get that fixed. They were supposed to replace Lizzes blackberry but never shipped it out last week. So after 2 days of battling now we have 2 coming which will need to be fixed. 

I get Sprint fixed and get the kids fed and AEP is at the door to off our power. Got that straightened out and waiting for the next thing to happen. I am going on no or little sleep and I don’t know if and she’s coming home. Both kids should probably get to the doctor if they don’t feel better soon. We really need to catch a break soon.

Lizze just texted me to let me know Gavin has been awake for a day and a half now. He’s clearly manic but doing ok.

I have 2 computer repairs I need to finish up because we really need the money and it has been 4 days. I like them to be done within a day. To much to do and no free time to do it. I can’t even get any writing done and I need to. 
That’s it for now.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Marion Oberlies

You will manage this situation…I am sure. Keep you in my mind and sending you all my energy.
Sometimes when things are getting too much I ask myself why I got to carry this burden and the solution is….there must be someone up there who puts all his trust in me. So if he thinks I can manage it…I have to…..otherwise the package on my shoulders would be smaller. You will only get a package in the size you are able to carry. So you must be a very strong person 😉


I agree with Debbie. Know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. There is so much I'd love to say, but the words aren't forming very well right now. Regardless – we (both Chris and I) are thinking of you guys!


I so wish there was a way we could help. This hurts us so much to see this happening to you and Liz. Markie is in such a deep depression it has Dr. R very worried. Marc and I are in our own deep depressions. Remember when Liz and I yalked about that padded room for the adults. I dont think any of us are far from that. Just know we are allways thinking of you all and sending prayers!!