Day one 9:30pm -

Day one 9:30pm

Today is winding down to a close. It has been a day. Gavin behaved for the most part but he is really struggling. He is literally walking into walls.

We spoke with Dr. R for about an hour on the phone and basically we toss out what we were told this past week. They treated Gavin medically and not psychologically. We are avoiding anti-psychotic medications but we are treating the bipolar. Dr.R says this has no impact on the movement issues. He doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t treat the bipolar because clearly it’s a problem and a major safety issue. So we start back in the morning on Lithium. That will help Gavin tremendously. Dr.R is one of the dew people we have learned to trust. There are only a few people trust without question and he is on the top the list. He has always done what was best for Gavin.

Hopefully address the mania and balance his moods before school starts or we lose our minds. Again I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

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Gotta love Dr. R !! I'm still sending prayers and if you need anything or need to talk Marc and I are avalible. Liz can call me anytime!! (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

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