Gavin Crisis: Akron Kids Day 2 7:30pm -

Gavin Crisis: Akron Kids Day 2 7:30pm

We just finished up our visit with Gavin went well. Its defiantly a different environment then what we experienced at Cleveland..

Gavin as well as other patients are wearing scrubs. Very few personal effects are allowed. They have their entire day mapped out on a board. Gavin attends school while he is there and is responsible for his own room. The environment is very blah, the reason for this is to keep the excitement to a minimum.

I have to say that as frustrated as I am with Gavin’s behaviors the moment I say him there like that I wanted to rescue him and bring him home. Don’t get me wrong they take good care of him but seeing your child like that is very difficult.

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I remember those days when Markie was in there for 3 days I wanted to bring him back home so badddddd. Its was bland and it was very structured I dont know if I agreed with everything they were doing but he was in good hands. You have to stay strong and hope that they can get him stabilized. We are sending our prayers!!


I'm sure it was rough seeing him that way. (and by the way – the wanting to rescue him feeling is a sure sign he is YOUR child πŸ˜‰ )

As hard as it is to see him in a very blah enviroment, couldn't that be a positive (in his case) too though? Sensory wise at the very least? Also – they are expecting the very same things you do ;). He is responsible for picking up after himself! The word "responsible" stuck out to me. That is something you have been trying to teach him. Now he gets to SHOW you how responsible he can be! <3 to you all… just trying to put it all in a positive perspective πŸ™‚

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