Gavin should come home Saturday

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Gavin should be ready to come home in the morning. He has been doing really well and his meds seem to be working. We spoke with him tonight however, and he was extremely upset.

He was some how under the impression we were coming to see him tonight. Lizze and I never said we were coming or even mentioned anything about it. Anyway, he was waiting for us all night and we never showed up. He felt abandoned and lied to. He clearly believed we were going to be there for some reason.

We explained that we were coming to get him in the morning. We couldn’t make it because EJ was sick, in fact shortly after hanging up EJ puked up everything he had eaten for dinner. We told him we were so sorry he felt that way and that if we could we would be there. He said it was ok but he was really hurt and upset. I pray he just moves past this and comes home in the morning. If he spirals after this then they will not release him.

I’m really hoping we get him back as soon as possible. As frustrating as he can be I really miss him.

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Jackie Coles

Hope it all works out and he can come home 🙂