The back to school countdown begins

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I love my kids and would rather have them home with me than not. At the same time however, I’m counting down the days until next Thursday when they return to school. 

We have some major concerns as far as school goes this year, mostly in regards to Emmett. 

Aside from the medical and sensory issues, there’s still a great deal to prepare for, the biggest and most challenging is clothes. Emmett and Elliott both need school pants. The problem is, the pants they need probably don’t exist. 

Elliott does okay with clothes, for the most part. Emmett is the real challenge and finding him pants he’ll actually wear has been impossible thus far. 

He has to have them fit a certain way, or else he won’t be comfortable. 

The pants can’t button or snap. They need to be that little metal hook thingy that you slide into a little catch, and it holds pants on. 

He also need to have them tight, but not so tight it gives him a tummy ache. The pant legs also have to touch the top of his crocs. Unfortunately, that means the pants have to be too small in order to be tight enough. It’s a nightmare. 

Once we figure out this next obstacle with their clothes, we will be able to say that we are emotionally and physically ready for them to return to school. ☺ 

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  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    Related to commenting, all my comments are getting caught up in moderation again. It doesn’t matter if I post as a guest or go through Google; they get caught both ways.

    • bwiren says:

      I never know if Rob even sees most my comments. Which means I have stopped reading this blog on a daily basis.

      • Rob Gorski says:

        I see the ones that I get notifications on and I try to catch the rest. The last two weeks have been exceptionally difficult and I’ve dropped the ball on comment replys. For that, I’m truly sorry. I’m playing catchup now, in between appointments..

    • Rob Gorski says:

      I approve them as soon as I see them. Aside from that, it’s probably the links that flagged the comments today.

      • kimmy gebhardt says:

        But the first comment was flagged too. They were also flagged yesterday on the post about bedtime.

        • Rob Gorski says:

          Kim, I have no idea why they are getting flagged. I’m not looking at your email right now but if it’s Hotmail, that could be it as that’s a common spam address. Either way, I’m sorry. I’m looking into whitelisting those who I know ow are legitimate commentors. You have my apologies and thanks for not giving up. On a side note, I’m going to be migrating to new server, with a new company. I’ve been here since the start but there are just too many problems and I don’t have a sponsor for the next year yet. I’m hoping the move helps with the issues I’ve been having here.

          • kimmy gebhardt says:

            It’s a gmail address. They used to get flagged, and then it stopped and then it started again recently. It is a very minor annoyance on my end, my concern was more with why it was happening in general, not specifically why *my* comments were being flagged. What happened to Vivint? I didn’t notice until I read your comment that you no longer have their name in the masthead for the blog.

          • kimmy gebhardt says:

            I used a yahoo email and it went through. Going to try posting this from gmail and see what happens…

    • Rob Gorski says:

      You are the only one who gets caught up in the spam filter, which is ridiculous because you have the most comments next to me…

  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    The pants you are describing are basic dress pants. Your best bet is probably to buy them to fit in the waist and have them tailored so that the length is to his liking. In fact, hemming tape and an iron should do the trick. Have you tried sweatpants, or does he require the hook?