My poor babies

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Well Elliott and Emmett are both sick now. Elliott went most of the afternoon without vomiting but can’t keep aything down now. Emmett isn’t vomiting but has the same intestinal “issues” Elliott has right now. These guys are completely miserable and it’s going to be another very long night.  Thankfully Gavin is at Grandma’s tonight and not around for this. He doesn’t handle this type of situation very well. I had to call my parent to make a run to Giant Eagle to get Gingerale, Kids Motrin and Benadryl. I think Elliott is vomiting do in part to some post nasal drip. The Benadrul should clear that right up.

Needless to say, Trick or Treat will be cancled for these guys. We were going to hold Gavin back from going anyway but with these guys all sick he is going to go with Lizze’s mom for alittle bit on Sunday. At this point we have bigger problems with the kids sick. Hopefully it will stay low key and he won’t get over stimulated but if he does he’ll be over stimulated away from home. Ffo righh now I  can deal with that.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Sorry you are going thru such a rough time. I have a boy on the spectrum and I think we've all been there at times. I don't mean to minimize what you're going through, though — I don't know exactly what it's like to be you. But I did want to offer you some encouragement, for what that's worth to you . . .