Hello dinner time meltdown -

Hello dinner time meltdown

Emmett had a pretty big meltdown during dinner. We had breaded fish fillets (think big fish sticks) and he wanted to have his cut up, like everyone else.

Next thing we know, he’s freaking out and hitting himself in the face.

Apparently, he had wanted to change his mind out having them cut up but it was too late.  He had himself all worked up and was completely overstimulated. I scratched him back while Mommy spoke softly to him and we eventually calmed him down  enough to figure out what had set him off. 

I don’t know why he didn’t just ask for new fish? It wasn’t a big deal to us but it definitely was to him.  Anyways, after replacing his fish, he felt much better.

Poor guy, he is so sensitive to things like this.  In fact, he’s easily the most sensitive sensory wise, out of the 3 boys, especially when it comes to food. Followed closely by Elliott.

Gavin on the other hand, used to be so picky the would have to filter out all the visible seasoning in his pasta sauce before he would even look at it.  However, over the years Gavin has made amazing progress and is far and away the easiest to feed.  He’s willing to try new things as well. 

Maybe they other two will work through this as well and come out on the other side, better for it.

For now, we just have to take baby steps, like we did with Gavin. 

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