I meant they come in 4's -

I meant they come in 4’s


I think Lizze is the last one standing. I’m not feeling very well. Took something for the nausea so I can maybe push through this. It seems to be helping.

With everyone vomiting all willy billy we have been washing sheets and blankets all day. Lizze just informed me the washer has stopped working and is making a buzzing sound. The barrel is full of water so I will have to drain it. We have also lost our wireless network due to a dead router. That may sound trivial but EVERYTHING was connected via wifi. Can’t afford to replace it right now so I need to find the old one that is password locked and hardreset it so we can be all connected again.

Elliott and Emmett seem to be feeling better. I turned our old sprint android phone in a multimedia device/pokedex for Elliott. I put a few dozen movies on the sd card and he is snuggling with Emmett and watching Lady and the Tramp.

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