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We went to have Emmett’s speech and language evaluated today. It was not what I had expected. His speech score was 71 the average being 85-115 and his language score was 53 the average being 85-115. These are not good scores.  The recommendation was that he go to the Cleveland clinics early intervention preschool.  She said that the Autism scholarship would knock off $20,000 a year off tuition. That means that tuition is in excess of $20,000 + per year. It’s also 1.5 hours away. I have know idea how we could pull that off….

We also learned today that most of what we thought was eye contact is him looking through us. She showed me what she was talking about and she was right. I just shattered right there. I had been clinging to that. I thought he makes eye contact and that’s a huge thing, but it turns out he doesn’t. At least as not as often as we had thought. That is a really tough pill to swallow. 

Emmett has stomach acid in his mouth still and now he’s sick on top of that. He’s also not wanting to eat either (not typical of him). He is really having a rough time.

I realized today that we hve gone through 84 diapers this week along. This is because he rips up any diaper that doesn’t have cookie monster on it…he pulls the tabs off so we can’t put them back on him. We are back to the doctors first thing in the AM. Oh and Gavin just started vommiting a little bit ago. That is a really bad situation cause we never know if he’s really sck or just making himself throw uo because he thinks he needs to. Just shoot me now cause this night is just begining…..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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