A major update about Elliott and homework 

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First of all, I hate the idea of homework in general.  There’s so much research out that that proves homework doesn’t improve test scores at all.  I’m even less supportive of giving homework to kids with special needs. 

There’s several sides to this coin but the biggest things are pretty solid arguments in my book.  

Frankly, I can see this from both sides and here’s why.  

I want my kids to reach whatever their potential is. I want them to be prepared for the real world, so they can function within to the best of their abilities. This requires that my kids be held to a reasonable standard. 

Homework is something that they won’t be able to escape in high school or college and practicing now is a necessary evil.  
That being said, I also feel very strongly that kids with Autism in particular, tend to give everything they have while in class. They are often pushed to their limits and will arrive home from school completely overstimulated.  

The last thing in the world they need to do is bring more school home with them.  

My kids barely make it out the school doors in the afternoon and into the car before they begin to fall apart.  I can’t tell you how often I see meltdowns before we even arrive home and the school is only a few miles from our house.  

As a parent, I feel like they need to be able to return home and decompress. Making them do homework when they’re already beyond their limits is just setting them up for failure and asking for a meltdown in the process. 

I realize all kids are different and some kids on the Autism Spectrum can do just fine with homework. Unfortunately, there are many more who simply can’t bring school home with them. 

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