Gavin and Emmett Update.... -

Gavin and Emmett Update….

We just got home. Gavin is ok. He was just a little constipated. Emmett’s procedure went well. He is not very happy and not feeling very well but he’s ok. We will get the results of the biopsies back on Monday. Until then we are changing his meds for the reflux and restricting his diet

due to the allergies. We actually got in 2 hours early because the child that was supposed to got before him got cancelled and so we got in right away instead of having to wait 2 hours. Lizzeis not doing well today so she is napping with Emmett. Gavin is laying down and Elliott is out with my mom shopping for PJ’s to wear to school tomorrow for “where PJ’s to school day”.  I am just finishing up these posts and making sure they all got sent. Then I am going to try to finish up my new Android ROM release today…….. Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers…….

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