#Autism Parenting and the battle with insomnia 

I fought a losing battle with insomnia once again last night but I did fall asleep around 4 am and I’m grateful for at least getting that..  ☺ 

Lizze didn’t sleep well either and ended up downstairs at some point because she needed to sleep propped up and that’s much easier on the couch. 

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While she was downstairs, Emmett climbed into our bed and glued himself to my arm, at some point after I did finally fall asleep. 

As a result of all this lack of sleep, we got a late start and things didn’t go as smoothly as they could have. Emmett in particular, had a very unpleasant meltdown, not that any meltdowns are pleasant. He did however, get off to school with his shoes and socks in place. ☺ 

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Gavin’s sleeping, I’m exhausted as well but my goal is to push through it and not take a nap. 

Lizze is not feeling well and is laying down also. She’s pretty miserable and I’m hoping this bug, whatever it is, moves on quickly.  

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