We have entered “Crisis” mode with Gavin…….

Gavin just had another enormous meltdown. He was punching and biting himself again. He also threw himself around and almost smashed him head onto him bed frame.  I don’t know what to do. My gut says we need to take him to Akron Childrens and have him admitted again for his own safety. However, he is only hurting himself and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. How could we do that to him right now? Do we wait or do we take him now? Nobody has any answers….

For right now he is in bed and calmed down. We will have to discuss this again tonight after the kids go down. Please pray for him as well as the rest of my family….Not that this could ever happen at a good time but this is a really, really bad time for this to happen. The emotional and financial cost is something we just don’t have right now. But we have to do the right thing regardless of the expense. Please say a prayer….

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Hi Rob,

It's tough doing God's work. My son is 12 years of age, Autistic, Bi-Polar, Psychotic, and probably has depression, and is non-verbal and mentally age 2 or 3. Plus he is as tall as I am, and weighs about 205lbs, with a history of violence against family and himself. There are days that his diseases fully disrupt our lives, too.

We have never put him in an institutional setting because my wife couldn't do it, but we did get him to a psycholitrist and neurologist at Seattle Childrene Autism Center, which has made a difference.

Please keep in mind, that if he needs to go, it is because you are so tired that you can't secure his safety. And, when he is better, you can always celebrate Christmas when he returns, God won't mind one bit.


The Sayan Family


Hi, Rob. I have just been reading some of your entries. You are right, we are going through similar things. Reading your posts broke my heart, I know so much of what you are feeling. How on earth can you put your kid in the mental hospital over Christmas?? That's so cruel, can't we wait just one more day? See, he's stable now, we don't need to do it now…and, and, and … I can think of 4,538 reasons NOT to take him while ignoring the MAIN reason he NEEDS to go. So, so heartbreaking. Please feel free to email me. I'd gladly give you my phone number and we can talk. Maybe Lizze and I can talk, looks like she and I have a lot in common as well. Many, many prayers for you and your family. In Christ, Lena