I have been trying to put together a make shift crash room. I’m really frustrated because I can’t seem to get anywhere. We have a trampoline, a basket ball hoop, a play house, a sit and spin, a giant exercise ball and that’s about it.  Really the only 2 things that will work is the trampoline and the exercise ball. Maybe the sit and spin. What I really need to try to do is get some type of indoor jungle gym. Something they can physically do to burn off energy.  I want to get foam blocks and attach them to the wall so Emmett can run into it safely.. RIght now Emmett runs into the walls and windows to get whatever sensory (impact type) fix he needs. He also jumps down the stairs as well. His actions are very dangerous and we need to provide him with an alternative means for meeting his sensory needs.

Does anyone have any idea of things to look for.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Shawna S.

What about a punching bag? My friend has one that my Jacob loves to use. Hopefuly we will have the means to get Jacob one of his own really soon.
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Some indoor swings or hammock swings have free standing frames, and you can get them on eBay.
Another calming area can be a pop up play tent with loads of cushions inside. Putting blankets over it to make it dark makes a good sensory deprivation tent too.
Weighted blankets/lap pads/neck wraps are good too but usually quite can sew pouches of rice/lentils/beans into cushion covers or quilt covers to make your own.


You may also want to make some heavy things. You can buy a foam pellet filled bean bag chair and add real, dried beans to it. Then kids can crawl under the bean bag chair to get grounded.
The crash mat suggested by Julia is easy to make. I used two queen size sheets and sewed three sides together and then added large foam pieces. You can get these from foam pillows, those egg crate mattress covers etc. The thicker the better. I cut mine in to roughly
6"X 6" squares.
Also consider an exercise bike. Do you have room to mount an indoor swing? You'll need at least 6' of space on all sides. If you can't do that, maybe a glider like people use on porches. Remember that things move only back and forth are calming. Things that move all around are stimulating.


An easy way to make a crash mat is to fill a quilt cover with foam off cuts (from mattresses etc).
Email me at and I'll send you some hand outs that have lots of ideas.