Growing Concern……

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I went into the kitchen a little while ago and Lizze in on the floor holding her head. She has been getting sharp pain in the center of her head.  This is the 3rd time this has happened in the past few days. We get into the specialist on Friday. This pain goes above and beyond her “normal” migraines. I basically had to carry her back to the living room. She has had all the MRI’s and aside from the cyst at the base of her brain there in’t that shows up. She doesn’t respond to medications either. I am growing more and more concerned. I wish I could take this all away…..

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  • Chris says:

    Hey have you tried Topamax® (topiramate)

    I used to suffer from migraines but now that i take topamax after a month they have gone away its really great and something yo9u might want to suggest to your doctor. I also have injections of imitrex and oxygen tanks just incase.

    • Thanks for the thought but yes she has tried that. They have taken to pain killers for the migraines because they are otherwise untreatable. However that presents its own set of problems. We will have to see how friday's appt. goes.

      Thanks again for commenting. 🙂