Lizze and the surgery debacle……

Alright.. The surgery is a go for Friday, however, insurance isn’t. We will have to appeal it later but she needs this done. We will have to use tax return to cover a portion of the fee’s so we can be set up on a payment plan. This is an acceptable outcome. I wanted to do whatever we had to in order to get her relief. No one should  have to live in pain when it can be helped. We have 3 doctors and all agree it is medically necessary and there is NO alternatives. Dr. D is going to continue to fight along side the Hospital to make insurance covers this “MEDICALLY NECESSARY” procedure. However, at least I was able to work things out so that she can have the surgery regardless.  Now it’s just anxiety till the procedure is over……

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  1. I would say "Don't Worry", but most of the time worrying just happens on its own. I will have your family in my prayers. Everything will be fine…. 🙂

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