Can you spare some positive thoughts on this unbelievably busy Friday?

I’d like to ask that you please send some positive thoughts my direction. 

I have a really busy morning ahead of me. 

It’s going to be nonstop until the boys leave to spend the night with their Mom. 


I will get the boys to school,  Maggie to the vet’s office to have her stitches removed and be at a really important meeting,  all before lunch. 

Read This  I'm so not feel good :(

Then I have to give Gavin I his IVIG infusion and pray it goes better than Monday’s. 

The boys will need picked up from school and prepared to make the transition to their Mom’s for the night. 

I’ve given up on the idea of walking in the morning because there’s just way too much going on. 

Assuming that everything connects,  all should go as expected and that’s the additude I’m taking with this very busy Friday….. ☺

Read This  I think we have a good day on our hands :)