Horrible Day….

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So the surgery debacle I thought I had resolved took a really bad turn tonight. Basically insurance refused to pay and now they said it was final. Because they said it was their final answer the hospital could work with us on payments because there was no chance of insurance picking up the tab. The lady in finacial at the hospital was going to talk to her supervisor and see what they could do and call me back. The only option they had for us was “many hundreds of dollars a month fr 18 months”. That was the only option and she wouldn’t give us any more detail then that. She was supposed to check for a better option and cal right back. She said the surgery was still on and to wait for her to call back in a bit with more options.

We never heard back. I called and left a message but no call. I called at 9pm tonight cause we just needed to know. Turns out they cancelled the surgery at 3:52pm an just never called to tell us. In fact they waited till Dr. D was out of the office for the day before they tried to notify him (if the even tried)…. I’m pissed and Lizze is a wreck. This is straight fucked up. How can peopledo this to other people. So I’m going to share our story with anyone who will listen giving the name of the hospital so people can think twice before having anything done there. It would be bad enough for this to happen to anyone but they did this to the mother of 3 special needs boys. They strung us along and then cancled without telling us.

I feel horrible that I can’t just write a check to cover the costs. It really sucks and wish I was able to provide better…..

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That's just not right. I cannot believe they would do that! What a sad world we live in. Prayers for you all, somehow, some way – God will provide!


I thought that under Obamacare everyone was covered now? Or does it depend on what insurance you have. All kids should always be covered by any insurance IMHO!!!