When one door closes……

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I tend to not put to much stock in sayings like, “when one door closes another one opens”. However, today has opened my mind to the possibility that there may be something to it.

As you know, I have been writing for a site Childswork for a few months now. 

It was my first paid writing job and I’m really grateful for experience I gained. However, Childswork and I will be parting ways and I will no longer be contributing to their blog.


Admittedly I was disappointed to hear this but things happen.  Childswork is undergoing some restructuring and are simply no longer in need of my services. 

I just wanted to let everyone hear this from me first

There are no hard feelings and I harbor no animosity whatsoever.  It was a great learning experience and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity.

Title of this post states, when one door closes.……

Earlier this afternoon I made a new connection that has turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for me and my family.  It definitely right up my alley and I’m really excited to be apart of this, in whatever capacity I’m needed.  I’ll share more details later but another door has opened.

Again I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to expand my writing experience with Childswork and I wish them the very best of luck going forward. 🙂

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Mary Franzen Costell



@Mary Franzen Costello thanks


I'm telling you that you should 100% believe in that theory and comments like when one door closes.  You can say positive thinking is all nonsense but, no , its not.  Listen to Louise Hay….it will change your life.  Its not a religious thing, its just the true fact that we attract what we give out.  Good things can happen for you guys! I have seen it happen.  Best of luck to you, walk through that door!


@DKS3 well said


@lostandtired  @DKS3 by the way, loving the new Header!