The explanation

The explanation

The explanation we received is that the surgery was over $12,000.00 and they didn’t want us to incur the cost if they could convince the insurance company to cover it. It would otherwise cost us almost $700/month.

Dr.D’s office manager said she told Lizze it was canceled but we didn’t understand. We were told it was up to the hospital. At that point the hospital said it was still on and only canceled it after we spoke with them. We were never notified by the hospital that it was canceled. Either way it sucks and will have a HUGE negative impact on our family. I wish money wasn’t a deciding factor for things like this. I understand but damn it sucks….. I wish my hands weren’t always tied and I could do better by my family….

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Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone



I'm wondering if you've ever looked into Neprinol AFD or Vitalzym SEB for your wife's Fibromyalgia. Both of these are sold as enzyme supplements and are not FDA approved, but I researched heavily into them a few years back and there are several testimonials of them (neprinol especially) reducing or eliminating Fibromyalgia pain. They're a bit on the expensive side (about 50 cents a pill) but if it works, could get rid of the hospital visits for her. Some links here to start your own research on it:

And no, I'm not associated with these companies in any way. I'm actually a fan of your midNIGHT rom on the XDA boards.

Good luck and stay strong.


Oops sorry for the double post. Didnt think the first went through.


Bro stay strong, you are doing the best you can. My thoughts and prayers will remain with you and your family!


Bro you can only do what you do. Stay strong like you have and it will all work out!! My prayers are with you and your family!

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