This #Autism family faced many challenges today but also a few smiles as well

This #Autism family faced many challenges today but also a few smiles as well

It’s been a somewhat decent day, at least the first part of it and I’m kinda feeling like I’m good with it.  The boys came home from school in a good mood. Actually, Emmett came home in a good mood. Elliott was in a nasty mood.

The Wednesdays that the boys have dinner with their Mom can be a bit hectic because it’s a rush rush kinda day.

When the boys come home from school, there’s a rush on homework because we have Dr. Pattie at 4 pm. Grandma picks the boys up from there and they come home at bedtime.  Frankly, homework never gets done on these Wednesday’s as anxiety is too high.

Emmett went off to his visit in a bad place.  He was freaking out over being rushed and not being able to finish something he was working on towards the end of therapy.

Grandma handled it well and he ended up doing just fine.

Elliott came home in a crappy mood but after some time with the ferrets and chatting with his girlfriend, he pulled himself out of the funk and is peacefully sleeping.  Actually, everyone’s sleeping peacefully at the moment.

I’m deeply engrossed in season two of Daredevil on Netflix but plan on going to bed soon.  That’s the plan anyway but this show is like Crack and really hard to walk away from.

When I look back on today, there was lots of challenge but I also saw quite a few smiles and I got a giant Chipotle burrito..  I’d call that a pretty good day….. ☺


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