Emmett Gets Evaluation




Emmett had his 1st day of speech the other day. His evaluation went well. However, he is functioning at a 25%+ deficit.. Basically he’s significantly struggling with speech and language. No we just have to wait for insurance to approve the sessions.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lost and Tired


I hear you. This one seems really nice and Emmett seems to like her. No we just have to get everything approved..


I didn't know your daughter was ADD/PDD… It's becoming more and more common. They do offer things in the school system here. But the Canton City school system is a "failing" school system. Gavin was physically abused there. Emmett's needs are such that he needs a much more specialized approach. However, in Gavin's case he get the therapies at school (private school for Autistic kids). He really needs more then that and we need him to get re-evaluated. Thanks for sharing your story here….


Hey not sure if i am correct on this……but I know in MI here that my daughter is ADD/PDD and she at age 4 starting receiving free speech via the school system. Now I cannot speak for your system, but ours was excellent, she is still being helped but has made great strides. She is 7 now.


Make sure the speech pathologist & him "click". Although Jr is "normal" it has made a WORLD of a difference. The one that eval-ed him was NOT the right one for him OR me. A therapist who is willing to work on HIS time-frame yet gently push him are by far better who expect him to "catch on" quickly. I hope/pray Emmett gets one like Jr's and starts making great strides in improvement.