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At 4:15pm tomorrow afternoon we will find out the results of Emmett’s ADOS testing. I have come to grips with Autism being the most likely diagnosis. Despite coming to “grips” with it I don’t know how I will react. Actually that’s not true, I do know how I will react. I will break down right there. I’ll fight it for as long as I can so Emmett doesn’t get stressed out but I will lose the fight and the tears will fall.

I can’t see any other possible outcome. He is clearly Autistic. My best guess would be that he has Aspergers at the very least. He is basically non-verbal and significantly developmentally delayed. These are just the facts…… It’s really hard to tell the level of functioning when he has little in the means of language and communication. I we were going to be receiving good news then they would have just told us over the phone, right? Instead they wanted us to be seen 2 months early…..

I have been trying to be positive if spite of all these facts but I think sometimes I just have to be realistic….. No amount of prayer or positive thinking is going to change tomorrow’s outcome. I’ll still pray and try to be positive but we have done this song and dance 3 times now… I’m getting sick to my stomach thinking about it…

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lost and Tired

Out of line? Not at all. I actually would like more information…. I will be looking into this. Thank You very much…. If you happen to have any links please share them.

Thanks again.


I've been reading your blog and see you've attempted quite a few treatments and therapies for children with ASD but I see no mention of an attempt at ABA.

From what I've observed, ABA intervention provides great improvements in socially significant behavior (especially in very young children with Asperger's) in a short amount of time. From what I understand 95% of what you can gain from this sort of therapy takes place in the first 6 months to one year of its initial application. Perhaps since that's what you fear Emmett has, you should look into it.

"A 2007 clinical report of the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that the benefit of ABA-based interventions in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) "has been well documented" and that "children who receive early intensive behavioral treatment have been shown to make substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior as well as some measures of social behavior."

I'm FAR from an expert in this or any field but I've seen this work for many children first hand at our University. I don't know if it's right for me to make suggestions like this on your blog. This will be the first time I've ever commented on anyone's blog, really. So I apologize if I am out of line…