A MAJOR update to the vicious dog attack

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This is an exciting update and I’m happy to be sharing it with you.  Take a look at that moving van in the picture below.  This is the house where the vicious dog lives that was responsible for several attacks this summer.

I’ve written several times about these incidents and how dangerous the neighborhood had become with this dog getting lose all the time.


The moving van has been there all day loading up their belongings and I expect that before too long, they will be gone.  I hate to say this but I won’t be sorry to see them go. 

We tried many, many times to get these people to contain their “pet” but they simply didn’t care. 

Now we have one less thing to worry about when we walk around outside. I hate to celebrate someone leaving our neighborhood but this is a major friggin victory for the safety of the entire neighborhood.

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Yajamalu Charity

I dont even want dangerous dogs near my family

Nicole Logan

i’m happy for your safety but unfortunately this doesn’t help their next neighbors.

Clementine Kruczynski

Hopefully where ever they’re going they keep this dog contained…. but with people that don’t seem to care about their dog may just abandon it there and leave it behind

Deb Moncrieff

moving wont help the next person this dog attacks! disgracefull.. Here in Australia if a dog attacks it is put down, end of story.

Lost and Tired

Quite true. The problem is that the victims or the people that owned the dogs that were mauled, never reported it. I tried to get everyone to report the incidents and went to the dog warden and Lizze even spoke to the chief of police’s office.
I think people were afraid of reprisal. 🙁

Ashley Myers Barrett

Has it bitten? I though if a dog had a significant bite history it was listed as a dangerous dog and had to be or could be put down?

Raynette Jones

i know you are glad and it will be so good for the kids. I bet you are glad you didn't have to be neighborly and help them move LOL