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Digital Memories

I started ddoing “Digital Memories” a few years back. Basically I take your analog tapes (VHS only for now) and convert them to digital (DVD,BluRay,SDCARD,etc). I also provide more advanced options as well. For right now to keep things simple I will be doing 1:1 copies of VHS to DVD.

This is a great thing to have done as it will preserve you precious memories. Analog tapes wear out and degrade. DVD’s if properly stored can last decades….

What I am going to do in an effort to help cover the rising health care costs of my family is offer this service online from the first time. Until now. Have only done this in my local demographic. But things are changing and needs are growing so this is my plan.

Basically the way it works is you contact me with your order. I send you the prepaid box via USPS. I will insure the return shipment from you to me and then from me to you if that makes sense. I will transfer everything over and then pack it up and ship it back insured to you via USPS.

All conversions are done in realtime. Meaning 10 hours of videos will take a minimum of 10 hours to transfer. I can also consolidate up to 10 hours on a single DVD and with BluRay you can record volumes on to a single disc (BluRay) is more costly do to the cost of the disc itself.

The average price is between $10 and $11 per hour (this includeds shipping for now)….

I’ll have more details in the coming days….

For now if your interested shoot me an email to so I can gauge interest.


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