The week begins.... -

The week begins….

The kids are in rare form today. Lizze is still in a ton of pain and very nervous that the surgery will be cancled because of the meds during the ER trip last night. She had to go get checked out it could have been and heart attack or even a stroke. Thankfully it wasn’t but we didn’t know that at the time. I’m sure the surgery will go on as planned.

I already started laundry and I’llc work on dinner in a bit. We have a meeting with Social Security today for Gavin’s re-evaluation. This has to be done every 4 years I guess in order to maintain his benefits.

I think we have everything in order as far as the kids go this week. They will be gone for 3 days. Tues night before the surgery. Wednesday the day of and Thursday the day after to allow Lizze to reacclimate to being home. Between our parents we have it covered.

We also meet with Akron Childrens this afternoon as well concerning Emmett.

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