We have PROGRESS :) -

We have PROGRESS :)

Lizze and I have been working VERY hard with Emmett to give him a BASIC means of communication. Lizze has been working especially hard with ASL and we are starting to see progress. Some people may not see this as a big deal but many more will also understand just how BIG a deal this actually is. We are finally starting to see some basic language developing. THIS IS HUGE.


Edit: I’m laughing out of EXCITEMENT and NOT at his expense.



-lost and tired

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Julie Fletcher

I remember the first time my girlie said 'mama'…she was almost 4. Then sentences came. Now she is 9 and is starting to instigate conversations, even if it's a very short one. It's just amazing when they begin to let you see exactly what they're thinking! Good luck to you guys!


I fully understand what a huge deal! My boy has been talking just a little more now all of a sudden @ 9 and even though his vocabulary keeps broadening i swear every time he says things it such a HUGE deal to me my heart melts because of all the years of hard work and wonderment and frighfulness and a thousand more emotions I'm sure you have had as well.


Wow that kid is adorable πŸ™‚


So AWESOME! I love it!!!! How precious and wonderful! I have to say – Pink is my favorite too!

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