THIS ISN’T GOOD: I’ve just been reminded why I hate Monday’s so passionately

In perhaps the most ironic twist of fate in recent history,  I absolutely jinxed myself by writing the previous post about just how awesome today was going..  I have only myself to blame for being so overzealous and running my mouth. 

Making a statement about how awesome things are going, so early in the day and on a Monday of all days, is simply asking for trouble.

Not 15 minutes after throwing caution to the wind and opening my big mouth, I was reminded why I shouldn’t say things like that.. This reminder came in the form of my furnace breaking down..

I was sitting in the living room thinking how chilly it was getting in the house.  When I checked the thermostat, I realized that the temperature was rapidly dropping. Before panicking, I went into the basement to see if I could identify any obvious problems. 

My came over to help and the obvious issue was that the blower wasn’t working. 

I called the people who installed our central air and they are coming out to take a look.  It’s $89 just be looked at and if it’s the blower motor, I could be looking at $500 +… 

As soon as I get this figured out, I’ll know what I can or cannot do based on the cost..

I’m not happy right now because the temperature is supposed to get pretty low tonight and tomorrow…. 😦

Holding out hope….


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  • Braden

    Take this as a sign to get the systems on maintenance plans. That way you have a professional keeping an eye on them for you twice a year…AND you have someone to call (usually at a discount) if something goes wrong. Good luck

    • I always do that but this was with the house when we moved in. If I ever had to replace it, I would certainly do just that…

  • Braden beat me to it. If you don’t already have a maintenance plan, look into one. I know the company who services my furnace allows the cost to be broken down into monthly payments if you don’t have it up front.

    • I thought you were referring to MO’s comment. I see what you’re saying now though… Bradens comment didn’t come through on my end.

      The gas company actually offers something like that.. I will be looking into it..

      Excellent idea…

      Thank You,

  • Mo

    Oh, well not buying new laptops and tablets probably could have covered that cost huh?