Please Help Support My Efforts

I need my readers help to keep the servers on and these sites continuing to provide support for the #Autism and #SpecialNeedsParenting communities.

The monthly cost to keep Blog and The My Help Forums Online is roughly $130.00/month.

While that seems like a lot, it’s due to the overwhelming demand for both these sites. Things like maintenance, security and everything else are all included in that cost.

If you benefit from these sites and are in a position to donate even $1, it will go a long way towards helping to keep my efforts afloat for another month. You can also help by visiting my sponsor’s and continuing to share my posts etc.

If you can help, please consider doing so because you will be helping a great many people..

Please visit:


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Kim Gebhardt
I’m honestly not sure how you expect to have people coming to this site and clicking your ads when you won’t reply to them. I made a suggestion/comment in regards to Emmett’s dentist appointment which was actually a good idea. I have been plagued with dental problems for the past couple of years and hate to think of a child with a toothache because they are one of the worst pains imaginable. Yet, you couldn’t even see fit to reply and let me or any other readers know how his appointment went or thank me or even tell me to… Read more »
Rob Gorski
Kim, I wasn’t ignoring anyone. As I explained earlier, the commenting system I was using was not reporting comments. I’ve been transitioning back to discuss over the last few days because I’ve seen comments about my not engaging. I simply wasn’t seeing any of the comments for the most part and this is the first comment I’ve seen from you in about a week. I’m sorry I didn’t see your question or comment but they aren’t even in my commenting database. I tried to resolve the issue with Spot.IM but they weren’t in a hurry to fix the issue. I’m… Read more »