Houston we have a problem... -

Houston we have a problem…

I have been meaning to talk about this but with everything else going on I keep putting it off. For the past few months Emmett has been wrapping things around his neck. Gavin came home from school one day with a scarf he made in class. Ever since then Emmett has been fascinated with wrapping things around his neck.

This is quite concerning for obvious reasons. We have pulled lamp cords, phone chargers and pieces of string (just to name a few) off from around his neck. When I say wrapped around his neck I mean like “WRAPPED” around his neck. He will unplug something and wrap the cord 3 or 4 times around his neck.

I have no idea how to deter this because if we handle it wrong he will be getting “attention” and that might reinforce the behaviors. Currently we remove it from his neck and tell (and sign) “no, not nice. Big boo boo’s”. I don’t know what else to say.  Always tell him that “only hugs go around our necks” but he doesn’t understand and it’s more for my benefit.

This is really scary for me as he could very easily strangle himself. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m going through the house and removing all that I can…


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Sounds like a sensory need; I like the suggestion of a snug turtle neck. You could also provide him a few soft neck scarves that are not long enough for him to choke on.


Do you think it could be a sensory thing? Try dressing him in a snug turtle neck and see if that helps.

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