2 boys with a fever…..1 without

So Elliott and Emmett both are still hanging on to the fever.. Gavin seems to be better…at least for now.

Elliott and Emmett will both be home from school AGAIN tomorrow. We’ll see how Gavin’s doing in the morning. This always drags on. They seem to just keep passing the germs back and forth….. These guys are even more challenging when they are sick…if you can believe that.

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  1. I am and Androiddict to the core and Father of 2 James and Daniel(5&3). I was looking through the forums for some sweet Epic midNIGHT Rom goodness and came across the link to your site. Anyways you an your family are an inspiration. A true example of strength and the human spirit. Just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for all your goodies. My the Creator bless you and yours:)

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