Elliott, Autism and being sick....... -

Elliott, Autism and being sick…….

Any child getting sick is a rought situation. An Autistic child getting sick, or in my case 2 of my 3 Autistic children getting sick is a nightmare. Elliott just spikd a fever of 102F and pretty worse for wear. Emmett has been super clingy today which is his way of saying he doesn’t feel well. We just spent 25 minutes trying to get Elliott to take his antibiotics and motrin. He has a “thing” with colors and the antibiotics are white. They are flavored but not dyed. Plus he’s coughing so badly that everything that goes in his mouth comes shooting right back out.

You know how when you get sick, your head hurts? Maybe the lights hurt your eyes or your clothes hurt your skin? Imagine having major sensory issues and experiencing all of that. It’s literally a sensory assult. I don’t think overwhelming quite describes what an Autistic child experiences when they are sick.

This time 5 years ago Elliott was very sick. His left lung had already collapsed and he was on a vent. About 12 hours from now his right lung collapsed and he was diagnosed with pre-mature lung disease. The doctors prepared us for the worst. I truly feared I would lose him before I even got to know him. So his birthday is very special to me. Elliott is a soft spot for me as well. Almost losing a changes a lot…

I just wish he didn’t have to be sick on his birthday but I can honestly say that I’m glad he’s here to be sick on his birthday.

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David Rice (wudstock

Brother I know what you mean about "being here". There was a long period I didn't think Sandi would be here for our 10th anniv. It's good you realize the blessings in your life. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the daily grind. Still praying for you guys.

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