Losing my mind..well…what’s left of it.

Losing my mind..well…what’s left of it.

Gavin is driving me absolutely out of my mind. He is regressing and has no memory anymore. He gets back into the doctors on Wednesday. Wednesday feels like a really long time to wait. He doesn’t listen and then claims he “doesn’t remember”. I don’t know what to believe because he a VERY LONG history of manipulation. However, he does clearily appear to be regressing….so…I just don’t know.

Lizze took Emmett to the doctors a few minutes ago. Elliott came down a few minutes ago and asked me to hook up his Leapster to the TV in his room. I told him I would but he needs to make sure that his room is clean first. I told him that “I would then com up and set it up for him”. A few minutes later Gavin comes down he steps telling me that it was already set up. Apparently, Elliott telling Gavin “Daddy will set it up” was clear enough. I don’t like Gavin plugging things in to the outlet, especially in his current….frame of mind. He knows that. Do I punish him for doing that? WTF am I suppossed to do? I doubt punishing him (with Oatmeal for dinner) would even have the desired impact. So what’s the point then?

I feel like crap and I just don’t have the patience for his…issues right now.

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