Got the van home……

Got the van home……

Went and got the van and brought it home. The engine light is on and I smelled the buring but no smoke and no obvious signs of anything. I have no idea what happened. I’ll have to call on Monday and get it back in….AGAIN.

While we were there we decide to bring Gavin home and not allow him to stay. He was not making good choices and was just not stable enough to leave him there. I deferred to Lizze on that cause I wasn’t there. Elliott just became hysterical at the thought on Gavin leaving but decided to stay anyway. Just talked to him and he is having fun with Grandma. So that worked out. I had a talk with Gavin (while pointless, at least I feel I did all I could to help him learn from him) and pointed out how his choices can effect others. He didn’t really see to care at all, which doesn’t suprise me much right now. Gavin right now is physically present and that’s it. He is mentally and emotionally in another place. He’s had an ok time since he’s been home.

This stress is just killing me. I feel sick again and I trying to destress by writing this but right now it’s not helping much. I need to start walking again. My Fit4Autism team has been going on in my absence and I’m really greatful for that… We have racked up an unbelievable amount of miles in the name of Autism. It has become nearly impossible for me to get away and walk anymore. I need to figure out a way to get a treadmill so I can get my health back. I was doing 30 miles a week and it made such a huge difference in my stress level…. It’s been probably 5 or 6 monthes since I was last able to get away to walk.. That’s why my back is out again……

Emmett is in rare form this evening. Bedtime can’t come soon enough.

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