He wanted to break every bone in his body

Gavin came home from his Grandparents in a good mood. Unfortunately, that mood ended when he realized that he forgot to take his morning medications. Lizze and I were already aware of this because they were sitting on the kitchen counter.

He had gone into the kitchen to take his meds this morning but set them down and walked away without without having taken them.

I wouldn’t call what he ended up doing as a meltdown becsuse it was more verbal then anything else. He kept calling himself stupid and screaming that he wanted to break every single bone in his body.

Of course, Emmett had to point out that 206 bones is a lot of bones to break. That didn’t help matters.

Gavin was quite upset for a period of time, but he did eventually pull out of it. The rest of the night he was on edge and had a zero threshold for frustration. It was a rough evening and as hard as it was for us, it was even harder for Gavin.

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