Lost and Tired turned 100,000 hits as of today..... -

Lost and Tired turned 100,000 hits as of today…..

My blog turned it’s 100,000th hit earlier tonight (80,000 of which have been since Jan 2011). I want to THANK everyone for taking the time to read and share in my families story. I’m really proud of this blog and I hope to continue writing long into the future. I feel pretty good about this because my goal was to share our story with as many people as were willing to listen. I wanted to reach those struggling like we are and let them at least know that they aren’t alone. I want people not directly touched my Autism to learn enough to know they should learn more. I had hoped I help spread awareness and contribute to making the world a better, more understanding place for my kids…. I really appreciate everyone’s love and support…


Thank you all very much……

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