Clozapine update

We heard from Dr. R yesterday. He has made the arrangements with the pharmacy and they will receive their supply of Clozapine for Gavin on Monday morning. That means we will have to have blood work done on Monday morning in order to get the results in time to begin the new medication on Monday. We have yet to discuss this with Gavin as the anticipation of the blood drawl will cause him a great deal of¬†anxiety¬†especially when we don’t know for sure when it will happen.

We also received instructions for stopping his current medication, Zyprexa. Hopefully this will be a very smooth transition without any hiccups.

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    • Marc Tomor via Faceb on April 16, 2011 at 9:00 am

    Some decisions are hell to make aren't they??

  1. Some decisions are hell to make aren't they??

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