Today’s agenda: 4/26/2011

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With the van sitting dead in the driveway things have become a bit more complicated. My parents are nice enough to let us borrow their car. It solves one problem while creating another. My mom needs the car to work so today I will be literally driving much of the day.

I have to get Gavin to school (fully medicated this time). Then I have to take Emmett to therapy. I will leave therapy and immediately go to my parents house to take my mom to work. Then I have to take Emmett in the opposite direction to go to school. I’ll wait there for 2 hours and then we will go to pick up Gavin before returning home. Emmett will be dropped off at home and Gavin and I will be going for more bloodwork in order to fill his perscription this week. After that I’ll work on dinner and then take the 2 oldest to therapy. After therapy I will drop them off at home and go pick my mom up from work and take her home. I have to fill the water jugs before returning home myself and putting the kids to bed.

I’ll be busier then I would like to be today but at least I can get the boys to and from school. I’m not sure how long the van will be down. I have to call and price the repairs to see how bad it’s going to be. Things are extremely tight right now so odds are it will have to wait until better times. We will also most likely not take Emmett to Cleveland this Friday as scheduled. We can’t pull it off right now.

Times are tough for everyone, especially families like mine. I’m really hoping to get my family into a better situation this summer. Being this “fragile” is VERY unsettling for me and not being able to provide for my family’s needs is heartbreaking as well.

– Lost and Tired

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