30 seconds of freedom.... -

30 seconds of freedom….

So I dropped the van off today around 4pm at Waterloo Transmission in order for it to “HOPEFULLY” get fixed in the morning. I parked the van in front of the building and locked the key and the part inside the van and left.

About 30 minutes ago I was driving my dad home so I could use their car in the morning to take the boys to school. As we passed by Waterloo Transmission my dad and I both realized the van was missing at the same time. I started to panic. Then all of a sudden panic turned into an overwhelming sense of relief. You may be asking why I felt relieved. Well I felt relieved because that piece of shit van was stolen and hopefully never to be seen again. I reached for my phone to call the police but then didn’t. I figured I would give who ever took it a head start.

I walked around the building feeling free from that money sucking piece of crap. Until my dad pointed out that it looks like the van had been pulled in the shop. I looked through the window and saw my Autism Awareness license plates and felt sick. Goddammit I was free for about 30 seconds before being brought back to reality at the sight of my arch nemesis.

Turns out Waterloo Transmission just goes above and beyond. They stopped by and put the van inside so nothing could happen to it over night.

Thanks for nothing Waterloo Transmission. 😉

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