How I’m dealing with my son’s bully

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I’ve been largely absent the last day or so because I’ve been busy. Most everything can wait until a bit later today, but I did want to talk briefly about the bullying situation at school.

I met with the school this afternoon and had a thirty-minute discussion about what’s going on with Elliott and this bully.

While I’m not happy at all, I will say that since I know how to handle this and who to talk to, the process is much easier.

The person I spoke with today is very genuine, and I truly believe that she’s as horrified about this as I am. In fact, she may even be more upset than I am and I’m pissed off.

We decided that she would meet with Elliott on Monday and talk to him about everything. She wants to make sure he feels safe and that he knows he can stand up for himself without fear of getting in trouble or having points taken away by his teacher.

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I suggested that if Elliott was okay with it, perhaps she could sit the two of them down and figure out what the fuck is going on. Since they used to be good friends, maybe we can figure out what the kids got against Elliott.

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Once we identify the problem, hopefully, we can work through it. This, of course, assumes that the kid isn’t just an asshole. I don’t think he is and I have hope that this can be resolved and maybe even a friendship restored.

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