Happy Mother’s Day……have a meltdown with a side of drama

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What Mother’s Day would complete without a GYNORMOUS, “Happy Mother’s Day” meltdown with a HUGE side of drama. All courtesy of Gavin. Here’s what happened. Earlier today Gavin stepped on a Lego and cut his toe. It wasn’t bad at all but it did bleed. Gavin DOES NOT respond well to the sight of blood. <Insert a HUGE portion of DRAMA here> So as far as Gavin’s concerned he’s bleeding to death and literally dying. Gavin started into his meltdown and had Elliott and Emmett terrified and hiding underneath a blanket on the couch with Lizze. I got Gavin settled down enough to clean up his foot and then I sent him to his room and told him to chill out for a while.

Everything was cool after that. Lizze and the baby went to bed (for their late morning nap) and I was going to take Gavin and Elliott outside to clean up the yard. I’m hoping to have a bonfire tonight for the kids. They can roast marshmallows and make s’mores. I asked them to get dressed and come down so we can go outside. Elliott goes and gets himself dressed. Gavin comes down the stairs all “geared up” and in full on “freak out” mode. He was yelling that his toe started hurting again. I asked him to settle down and talk to me. He just escalated to the point he was going to wake up Lizze and Emmett. I told him that if he didn’t get himself in check then he would not be going outside. He didn’t let stop him because he just continued to meltdown.

I finally got him upstairs in his room and he started clawing at his own face and punching himself in the head. I just walked away because I didn’t want to play into it and give him any attention. He did however, get MUCH to loud and so I had to break out the “big guns”. I told him that by choosing to scream into the air instead of into his pillow or mattress then he would be choosing to have oatmeal for lunch. He got quiet real quick. Again there is an element of control over these meltdowns. Once I tip the balance of control my way, it typically ends.

Amazingly enough he never woke up Lizze or Emmett. He has struggled the rest of the day. We were supposed to go to my parents house today but there was no way that was going to happen. Sometimes it really sucks to be responsible because it would be nice to go hang out every once in a while.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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