Yes…It’s been that kind of day…

Apparently in our quest to get Emmett to eat “anything” we stumbled across something that will forever more be permanently banned from our grocery list. Yes…that’s right.. I’m talking about you generic fruit loops. You will never again find home here at the Lost and Tired house. I have pulled in the welcome mat and changed the locks.  You will be saved for our next trip to feed the ducks.

Just look at what you did to Emmett…….

This went on for about 20 minutes before I got the idea to record it. So yes, it’s been that kind of day.





Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Wow. Emmett looks like my 4 yr. old when he has MSG, practically shaking with energy. I should send you a video of him and his older, autistic brother when they have chewing gum with the artificial sweetners. They are like wild west cowboys ready to draw the guns and shoot 'em down. Lots of fistfights, defiance, worse hyperactivity, lots of fun.
Well, at least Emmett and Gavin had fun..


LOL – I just caught up with this. I'm amazed how similar Logan is sometimes to that little firecracker! Only Logan is like that nonstop, most of the time. Gotta love the smiles and giggles!

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Grandma W

Oh yeah, I remember Lizze on dyes… she would get the same way… Some kids are allergic to them, and considering Emmett's allergies, you might want to limit exposure to them whenever possible. But looked like he was having fun anyway. 🙂

Onyx Panthyr

I had to chuckle this morning watching this because with all the stuff you guys have to go through, at least these were 'happy hugs'. It's so nice to see your kids having fun and just be kids, even though they have so much to struggle with. 🙂


Hi Guys Im glad to see that you were relaxed and having a giggle about this. It seems as though he wasnt doing any harm wich is a good reaction and WOW how patient was gavin with him? More patient than I would have been! Im amazed by the effect all that sugar had on him. I am one of those mums who will give my child anything to eat because lets face it there are bigger battles to be fought and with all the sensory issues I just need him to eat something. Hugh must think Emmett is his new best friend. I played the video and he came running out from his bedroom to see what was happening. He thought it was funny and wanted to watch it several times and then the 'gotcha nose' video was there so he wanted that one too. Thansk so much for sharing I think when Hugh sees other kids doing what he could do makes him feel less alone, maybe. xoxo Kellie