Please say a prayer for Gavin

Gavin had a meltdown this morning resulting in self-injury. This was severe enough that we are taking him to Akron Children’s Hospital for possible addmission as he has become a threat to himself. Please say a prayer for Gavin that he finds the help he needs to stop hurting himself.

I wanted to give those without any experience an idea of what I mean by self-injury. I fully realize that many of you deal with much worse behavior in your life. However, as I always say, everyone’s experience is relative and for us this is getting much worse. Plus we have the added concern of the younger two continuing to pick up on this behavior.

I’ll post more when I get a chance but I have the other two boys right now. Lizze and her mom took Gavin as I was best suited to watch the other boys.



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Rob Gorski

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Our son does this. I never thought of getting him admitted to a hospital. Not sure why it never crossed my mind. I guess I thought this was something he did and we would have to manage it. However, I wonder if admission to a hospital would help. We try deescalation methods at home. Sometimes leaving him be to vent on the wall or pillow etc. Most of the time he "vents" out on his face, scratching it like your son. Once he had it out so bad he left bruises on his neck. I had no idea he was doing this. I think he was twisting his neck skin so much that it left the marks. Anyway, I feel for you and your family. It is so difficult to see our kids struggle like this and not be able to do anything to help. Thanks again for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Bonnie Stewart

Ahh! Poor kid. He hurts, doesn't he? All I can do is say a prayer for him and my prayer is this: "Dear God. Help Gavin to begin to like himself and who he is. He is the only person who can always be his own best friend. No one else lives inside his head but him, so no matter how much his Mom and Dad love him and tell him so, he is going to have to believe it.. I know that takes a lot of growing up to make a mature choice like that, especially when a kid is overwhelmed by his own thoughts. God, please help him feel like superhero who is stronger than all those confusing thoughts-a superhero who is his own best friend. Help him to live as loved as he is. Amen".