Check out some screenshots from the new My #Autism Help app

These are some screenshots of the new My Autism Help app, available now, on the Google Play Store for FREE

Here’s some information about the My Autism Help app:

The My Autism Help is a free, premium app that gives you direct access to the My Autism Help Forums from your mobile device. The My Autism Help Forums were created by award winning Autism blogger and father to 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum, Rob Gorski (Lost and Tired).

The My Autism Helps Forums are a judgement and bully free place to seek, connect and share experience. The My Autism Help app allows you to sign up, access and use the My Autism Help Forums, from anywhere your Android device has an Internet connection.

The My Autism Help Forums give you access to other special needs parents that understand what you are going through and want to help. We are also blessed with the invaluable insights of many adult Autistics as well.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what it’s like to be an Autism parent. Having said that, the hundreds of users at the My Autism Help Forums do.

This app is made possible because Tapatalk provided this premium app to our users for free. It’s their way of giving back and we are really grateful.

You can grab the app here.

I would love it if you could rate the app on the Google Play Store.  It only takes a second but is a huge help.  🙂

Here’s some screenshots….







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