Our little dog has started biting our kids. What do we do?

We’re beginning to have some problems with Ruby, our 5 pound Chorkie. She’s started biting Emmett. It’s not provoked other than accidently sitting too close to her or trying to get her to schooch over. She’s not startled or not surprised.

He’s never been aggressive and nothing has been warranted. The vast majority of the time she snuggles with Emmett and seeks him out.

Noone is ever rough with her and it almost feels like she becomes possessive of the person she happens to be with. I’m the only person she hasn’t growled at or snipped at.

I get that she’s a little dog and can’t really hurt anyone but that’s not the point. Does anyone have experience with situations like this? I’m open to advice.

Could the fact that we are dealing with raccoons in our attic have her more nervous? She also refuses to go outside at night since the raccoons have been around. I suppose that makes sense..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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It sounds like anxiety. Could be the raccoons.

Suzanne Olsen

How old is ruby?
Also with the kids make sure they haven’t been in her face a bit too much.

Kim gebhardt

In my experience little dogs are more likely to bite than big dogs. In any event, it might be as simple as Ruby not wanting to be messed with at that moment. A vet trip to rule out any sort of physical cause would probably be smart, but my money is on her not wanting to be bothered.

Petra Northmore

Vet… Dog training…
How old?

Maria Hall

Have you had her to vet lately? Maybe in pain and reacting out of fear of being jostled.