The van “situation”

The van “situation”

As many of you know this van has been the bane of my existence for almost a year now. After a BRAND NEW transmission (within the first month of owning the van) new front and rear subframes, deep engine work, 6 vacuum leaks, a tune up, new intake, new tie rods, one flatbed and 3 tow’s later she’s almost fixed. I heard back from Andy at Waterloo Transmission this afternoon. After having the van a week and unsuccessfully reproducing the issues it finally happened.  The van FINALLY stalled for them today. Our suspicions were correct and it was the fuel pump that was intermittently failing.  We were pretty sure that was the problem but it’s about an $800 repair so they wanted to be sure before we incurred that cost. It performed FLAWLESSLY for the last week and today it finally failed after it had been running for about 2 hours.

It’s one of those moments where you really feel good because, while $800 is a lot of money (especially for us), it turns out that you really weren’t crazy after all. When you’re the only one to experience these problems and they NEVER happen to the mechanic you start to feel like your crazy, especially after the many return trips we’ve had.. However, vindication is PRICELESS…well actually….vindication is $800..but you get the point. Hopefully (fingers crossed) we will be back up and running for good or at least for a while….I’d be happy with up and running for a while.

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